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Flash Moving Sale #6 (July 4, 2020)

$550.00 Sold Out

July 4, 2020 48"x38" oil on canvas 2020

This original painting will be shipped stretched and ready to hang. The provided photo shows the painting in inopportune lighting, hanging in the spot on the wall of my apartment where I have had it displayed since completing it last month. 

This and all the items in the Flash Moving Sale are being sold at lower than their actual value to help fund my move across country and to protect these paintings from the dangers of travel. 

These select paintings are being sold in this manner because they are stretched and hanging on my walls and I don't want to have to unstretch them, roll them up, and stick them under the seat of my car. The fact that they are hanging on my wall should indicate my personal affinity for them. 

Your support is greatly appreciated. 

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