About the Artist

Zachary McRae is an artist based in Portland, OR.  He is self-taught and works intuitively, employing process-based, automatic techniques to generate abstract oil (and sometimes acrylic) paintings. Zachary allows each of his works ample time to develop, layering and scrutinizing each new development, which leads into the next. In this way, his paintings function as containers for experience, serving to represent the fused workings of his mind and body during the weeks, months and years spent in their production.

Although he was compelled to make art from an early age, it wasn't until after suffering through a minor Traumatic Brain Injury (caused by his own recklessness) in 2014 that he began to take his creative passion seriously. After recovering, he became determined to use the gift of his life more intentionally by granting his creativity a more central role in it. 

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